Crude Oil Transfer Pump


Long lasting, proven design
Skid-mounted, easy to install and maintain
Product introduction

Crude oil transfer pump is driven by electricity and diesel engines for the transmission of liquid and crude oil, normally fitted with an explosion-proof electrical motor for operation. It is designed to deliver the liquid (oil,water) from metering tank (or buffer tank) into the storage tank or mobile tanker, or pump the crude oil from a tank to a burner(pump pressure≧2Mpa) or into an existing flowline. Screw, and centrifugal pump designs are available. The characteristics of the fluid being pumped and the specific application for the pump determine which pump technology is most suitable.

Excellent performance
Long lasting, proven design
Skid-mounted, easy to install and maintain
An explosion proof operating pole and a relevant valve manifold are configured.
Two sets of centrifugal oil transfer pumps.One is in operation and the other is stand-by.
Flow rate proportional to running speed
Handle Gassy, viscous, sandy fluids
Compliance with API 610 and ASME B31.3
Compliance with EExd IIB T4 if electrical drive
Technical Parameters
Capacity  10M3/h or more
Pump pressure  0.3-3Mpa
Type centrifugal pump,screw pump,etc.
Power electric, diesel engine driven
Requirements explosion-proof
Entry connection 3"Fig 602 T
Export connection 3"Fig 602 W


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